Transform Your Business with HIGH-PAYING Corporate Clients

How would you like to 3-10x your business income? 

And Land a high-paying  corporate client in as little as 4 days?

All the while you double, treble or quadruple your impact in the world and the people that you are reaching? 

Yes you CAN work with wow-inducing corporate household names EVEN IF...

  • You don’t have inside contacts you can call for a favour
  • You keep clicking through LinkedIn profiles - how can you find prospects when they all make it sound like they work at a perfect company?
  • You have a squeaky little voice inside your head asking how in this universe you can position yourself as an expert that corporates will take serious - and then laughing hysterically

Listen, I get it!

When I first started my corporate consulting business, I felt ALL the emotions:

“How do I even know where to start?”

“What if they don’t buy from me?”

“What if I make a fool of myself?” 


So I followed all the gurus, listened to all the “secret sales hacks (that are not so secret) podcasts, bought the books and got the (no-success) T-shirt… 

But it wasn’t until I sat myself down and had a good long talk with myself that things turned around. (*why I talk to myself? All will become clear in a jiffy...)

‘Cause the real thing I was doing wrong was not using my *knowledge of how corporate decision-makers THINK and what drives them to ACT. 


*With my background of 20+ years as a senior corporate decision-maker and CFO, where I approved $gazillion of offers, I really understand the behavioural dynamics that go on in corporates.

Using this knowledge, I now work with some of the worlds biggest companies that don’t bat an eyelid at paying $4k for a 2hr workshop, $20k for a 3 part workshop and $50k in retainer fees over the year…AND so do my students!

This is what they say...

OMG, I can't believe how good this toolkit is. It’s only been 36 hrs [since purchasing the ABC to Corporate Clients] but I am already seeing results!" 

Sanji P., Marketing Strategist

 I’ve paid for expensive courses from other providers on how to get corporate clients and got way less value than what I received from Miriam in the playbook. Miriam understands the corporate world inside out

Jenny Zachary, Executive Adviser & Consultant ǀ Trainer ǀ Speaker

Having been in corporate for years and working as a consultant to corporate clients, I had experience and spoke the language. But when I wanted to diversify my services into another market, I was stuck.

The Playbook got me focused on the ABCs of what I needed to do to get results.

Rebecca P. Morgan, PhD, CEO Choose Awesome Co, The Awesome Leader League.

Ready to land HIGH-PAYING Corporate Clients?


It really can be as easy as ABC (or scoffing your fav ice-cream on a hot sunny day...)

...with my simple, elegant and speedy method to identify, find, attract and convert corporate prospects into delicious clients - and you don’t even have to 

  • spend months trying to build a “special relationship” (trust me - until decision-makers know you, they don’t care)
  • wasting hours on “giving value” in a vain attempt to establish your authority (again: no one reads those emails unless they already know you)
  • positioning yourself as an expert on social media with thought pieces and “come-and-like-me” posts that get zero attention from your prospects.




...use science-backed insights (not random tips from the internet) to find, attract and have sales conversations so compelling that your corporate prospects cannot wait to throw their money at you

...avoid the super common mistakes most coaches and consultants make so that you are NOT wasting time trying to attract the wrong clients, while your ideal corporate client doesn’t even know you exist with the biggest obstacles that keep your prospects from saying “yes” to working with you so that you get to starting work with them faster

...slay the "we’re going with a big name" or “can you reduce the prices because this is the first time we are working with you”- requests for EVER so that you can feel good about being truly valued by your clients. are never, ever ghosted again by your prospect after your initial conversation. No more “why are they not replying” panic because your conversion conversation will have response-getting powers build right into it!

(this works even if you hate sales conversations and rathers stick a chopstick in your eye than use sleazy “closing” tactics)


The ABC to landing Corporate Clients Playbook is a client winning resource unlike any other you have seen before.

It is the ultimate Behavioural-Science-Backed, CFO-Approved, Real-World-Tested System that has allowed me and my students win 5-figure corporate client contracts in Financial Services, Professional Firms, Project Management Corporations, Insurance businesses, Marketing firms and Design Agencies - all in lightspeed time - 4 days from a cold contact to paying client is the current record!

The toolkit contains "fill-in-the-blanks" templates with detailed, step-by-step guidance to:

Laser focus

on who are the RIGHT prospects for YOUR business, in as little as one afternoon.

No more wasting time on ineffective social media posting in the hope your ideal prospect will like your meme…

Buyer Hotlist

Build a  HOTLIST of prospects so that you save time and energy in your outreach, knowing exactly who to contact and how to approach them


Build a Rejection-Proof Value Proposition so that  you stand head, shoulders and knees above anyone else and makes your prospect want to throw their budget at you.

Non-sleazy sales convo

Develop your own, unique conversion conversation approach without cringe-inducing sales techniques but boost your conversion power by 100%.

Everything is designed for maximum ease and speed of applying the tools in your business: 

  • 3 Modules guiding you through the full process,
  • 100% results-focused,
  • no fluff, just what you need to get results - right here, right now.
Module 1

Ascertain the alignment that saves you time by focusing only on those prospects that are ready to buy from you (value $40)

Module 2

Build the belief in your client that creates your OBJECTION PROOF value proposition - this is what most coaches and consultants miss! (value $297)

Module 3

Make it easy for clients to say yes, dealing with their Status Quo Bias and Loss Aversion in a genuine and impactful way* (value $97)

(*NO ONE else talks about this!)



  • Your Ideal Corporate Client Analysis Tool 
  • Your HOT Corporate Prospect List Builder
  • What format of delivery works best for your offer so prospects line up to work with you - Research Summary
  • Your REJECTION-PROOF Value Proposition Diagnostic Tool
  • Offer-Results Idea Bank
  • The ANTI-Ideal-Client-Avatar Exercise
  • The REJECTION-PROOF Value Proposition Statement Template
  • Downloadable Complete Playbook Pdf

VALUE $197

BUT WAIT! There is more...


The Ultimate Value Statement Swipes

To get corporates interested in your offer, you have to speak a language they understand. Use these 18 fill-in-the-black statements you can use to create your Corporate REJECTION-PROOF value proposition in as little as 15min (value $17)

Persuasive Statistics Swipe File & Industry trend report

The ultimate resource to make a case for why your client should hire you. Back up the intangible benefits you bring with solid facts, figures and research that persuade even the most hard-nosed CFO to spend money on your offer. (I should know, I was one of them for international corporations!) (value $67)

30min Offer Audit

So you have a great idea, created a solid program that brings your expertise to clients, are ready to go - BUT is your offer positioned in a way that makes it EASY for corporates buyers to say YES? Your offer is more than your services, your product, or your training. It is a whole package of 7 elements that needs to align if you want a quick and resounding YES from your prospects. 

In this special bonus you will get a personal review of your offer, assessing the 29 psychological data points that are crucial in corporate sales. (value $347)

FAST ACTION BONUS 1 - This goes away in 24hrs! - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
The 7 Most Effective Ways to Slay Objections to your offer - eBook, incl swipe phrases

Battle-proven success-tested ways you can disarm and dis-charm any objections your prospect might bring up. Use them in your conversations, emails, proposal documents, pitches and even your marketing. (Using tactics like these has helped one client secure a contract worth $15m for their project management firm) (value $47)

FAST ACTION BONUS 2 - This goes away in 48hrs!
21 Hack to prepare and run super smooth conversion conversations

Usually reserved for the students in my Landing Corporate Clients Academy, you have the chance to get your hands on the most effective ways to prepare for conversion conversations with your corporate prospects that are so smooth, they’ll think they’ve already hired you and end up throwing their budget at you! (value $27)


The total value of this offer is over $1,000 (it's $1,062 for those of you who're counting!)

But for a limited time, I am giving this away for the crazy low price* of just


*why this crazy-low price? I could wax lyrical about how I want to make a difference in the world, save the whales and support the children... And I do want to do all of that, but the real reason is not this...

I am giving the ABC TO CORPORATE CLIENT PLAYBOOK away for this crazy price of $197 because it's part of my secret plan to completely blow you away with the value you get. I want your jaw to hit the keyboard as you open the Playbook for the first time, being amazed by the value-spewing goodness it contains and the mind-boggling results you can get.

I want to give you so much value that you start looking over your shoulder for the police because you feel like you just got the steal of the decade.

I want you to have this, because, as you see the results rolling in, I want to continue our conversation.

I want to have your permission to keep talking so that together we can make an impact, save the whales and protect the children!


No Questions


The ABC Playbook comes with my 100% no-messing-you-around guarantee.

That means if you are unhappy, unsure or unlikely to ever use it, I insist that you ask for your money back.

Seriously, I value our relationship and my reputation more than a few bucks, go ahead and try ABC Playbook for 7 days and if you don’t like it just shoot me an email within 7 days and I will happily refund you every single cent, penny or yuan.

I won't ask you awkward questions, insist you show me what work you did or mess you around in any way - just straight refunds.

There are so people telling me they can get me clients  why - should I chose you? 

Yes there are so many other offers out there in wild interweb

But only a few of them teach you how to specifically get high-paying corporate clients - and selling to corporate clients is a very different beast to selling to small businesses and individuals.

Most corporate client courses are created by sales trainers or HR/L&D professionals.  And they’re great at what they do - they really are. 

But they are rarely truly know how decision-makers, the ones holding the purse-strings, deciding on budgets and authorising the spend THINK

Because I know this stuff, in the Playbook you learn AND apply what’s important to corporate decision-makers, what makes them go from bored NO to an exuberant YES, to finding the budget to work with you even if they have to look in the darkest corners of their annual plans…

So you don’t have to rack your brain what to post on social media 24/7 to come across as thought-leader - (seriously, one or two pieces ARE enough with the right method for getting clients)

So you don’t have to slave away for week and months, waiting, nervously refreshing your email every 5min, hoping a prospect comes back to you

So you don’t have to cringe about sales conversations ever again - because you are getting the 100% cringe-and-sleaze-free framework for conversion conversations that are so smooth that your prospect thinks they’ve already hired you!

Imagine - within 7 days you could be closing your first (or next) 4 or 5 figure contract with a fancy corporate client - and then do that again and again, with ease and grace


  • Module 1: Align (value $40)
  • Module 2: Build (value $297)
  • Module 3: Convert (value $97)
  • The Playbook’s “Go Faster” bundle (value $197)
  • #1 The Ultimate Value  Statement Swipe file (value $17)
  • #2 Persuasive Statistics Swipe File & Industry trend report (value $67)
  • #3 30min Corporate Offer Audit Assessment (value $347)

    TOTAL VALUE: $1,062 - YOURS TODAY FOR $197

Here are answers to all your deepest darkest questions about the ABC to Corporate Clients - Playbook:

How fast can I expect to see results? You can apply what you learn immediately and see some results. How big or small will these be? Fast learners & implementers will get results - the current record stands at 4 days for a 4 figure workshop. Slower implementers will take longer. Because, let’s face it  - I can give you all the tools, tips, swipe files and formats, but I cannot do the work for you - you get what you put in!

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck? Getting you results is what I am all about. All you have to do is joining the free FB group, ping me a question and I’ll respond in a jiffy (or a jaffy if it’s the weekend)

I haven’t got an offer yet - do I need this? The only question here is: do you WANT to sell to high-paying corporate clients? If no, if you’re ok chasing low value contracts or are allergic, then the answer is no…. But if you want the easiest, fastest and most effective way to find, approach and convert drool-worthy corporate clients, then the Paybook is a must!

Is everything available immediately? Yes 

How long can I keep it for? It is yours for life (or as long as the internet exists)

Can I share this with a friend? I know sharing is caring but so is respecting the hours and hours of hard work that have gone into creating this product. Each copy of the ABC to Corporate Clients - Playbook  is for a single user – if you like your friend to benefit from it, feel free to buy another copy!

What if it’s not what I expect? Is there a guarantee? Absolutely, there’s a guarantee. In fact, if you are anything but 100% delighted with the ABC to Corporate Clients - Playbook , I insist that you get in touch within 7 days and get a full refund.

I don’t have the time to learn theories. I am glad you say that! Theory is important – but without action, it’s TBU (True but useless). Everything you’ll learn in the ABC to Corporate Clients - Playbook has been tried and tested in my own business and by my students.

I have a unique offer that does not fit a standard approach. The ABC to Corporate Clients - Playbook is not just a template, course or guide... It’s a unique approach using behavioural science to tap into your prospects brain wiring and help them see through their own biases, cut through the overwhelm, help them make a decision and motivate them to take action.

I need more than a mini-course… Great stuff. Because a mini-course is NOT what you are getting. In reality, you’re getting my unique system to 3-10x your business income and impact, with lessons, tools, templates and files. It’s my full system, compacted and ready to go!

How is this different to all the advice I can get for free on the internet? I heard once that if enough monkeys hit enough pianos for long enough, they’d be able to play Moonlight Sonata eventually. You’re no monkey. And you don’t have 20 years to monkey around trying to extract a few gold nuggets from the internet at large. You’re basically getting my 5 years of behavioral science research, combined with my 20 years of business and coated with my 8 years of running my own corporate consulting business. 

How do I know this will work…? Let me be honest with you…My system works if you work. I know this for a fact because of the successes that my students have achieved and the results I have had myself using them. But will they work for you? That is $1 million question and it really depends on the effort you put in.. If you’re unhappy with my system, my face, my silly puns or my funny accent I’ll refund you within the 7-day guarantee period. Deal?


You know the value of working with companies, the difference it will make to your business to sell 5, 10 20 seats in your course at a time, or have that group of executives hanging on your every word as you take them through workshops and coaching sessions. 

Reaching your revenue goals with just a handful of clients.

Getting referrals within and outwith a company, again and again.

Being able to proudly put the logo of a household name on your website…

You have all the knowledge and expertise to make a real difference in the lives of these people and the only thing standing between you and winning those precious corporate clients is not having the right system in place.

So now it’s up to you.

You can try to figure all this out your own, and complain and grumble about the slow progress, the uncharted territories and the sheer frustration of trying to piece together a million things.

Or you can take me up on the promise by the ABC to Corporate Clients Playbook. 

So stop wasting time and effort and start bringing your offers and service into a bigger world and feel the pride of being able to add the names of prestigious companies to your client list.

Let’s get started!

Miriam x


  • Module 1: Align (value $40)
  • Module 2: Build (value $297)
  • Module 3: Convert (value $97)
  • The Playbook’s “Go Faster” bundle (value $197)
  • #1 The Ultimate Value  Statement Swipe file (value $17)
  • #2 Persuasive Statistics Swipe File & Industry trend report (value $67)
  • #3 30min Corporate Offer Audit Assessment (value $347)


This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. In fact, it's the very opposite - getting results requires hard work, dedication, skill, experience and a dose of luck. I am sharing my experience with you so you can learn from it but it's in no way a a guarantee that you will get the same or similar results. I'll give you the tools but you will have to use them! Nothing on this site shall give you the impression it's a promise or guarantee of future earnings!

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