Let's make 2023 the year of YOUR Corporate Client Success


How to use no-nonsense business wisdom, CFO approved strategies and magnetic energy to create

a Magical Year!

PS: you're on the right page already!

Here is your gold plated, diamond dusted VIP invite to

make 2023 your best year yet for your business

  • with dreamboat corporate clients
  • delivering the impact you want to make
  • without hustle culture or sacrificing your health & sanity
  • without missing out on time with the people who are important to you

And even if you're worried that your dreams might be too big, scared that you might look silly aiming for such bold goals and can barely stick to your food shopping list, never mind a whole year business plan - never fear!

It is time to become a strategic AND energetic match for the success you want in your business & your life in 2023


The world's first planning & implementing experience where you create your corporate client success framework that

maps out your perfect 12 months - week by week and day by day

based on corporate buyer psychology, behavioral science & energetic alignment

tested in my own 6-figure corporate client business

practices validated by over 100 passionate coaching clients and mentees

I know there are a lot of misunderstandings around how to build a business with corporate clients. 

And it's not enough to keep hitting Google for answers, either.

I know from first hand experience that many people are turned off trying to go for corporate clients because it seems so complex, shrouded in weird terminology and, dare I say, something only for the bit stiff, grey-suited, one-of-the-boys types.

Thankfully, we're moving on from this.

I have always stood for people to bring their full personality to work and now my corporate clients love it, too.

And because I know how rewarding it can be to work with dreamboat corporates who are grateful for your support, pay high fees and welcome your uniqueness as much as your expertise, 

And that is why I developed

A groundbreaking new neuro-science backed, real-world-tested, energy-aligned, CFO-approved system to build, grow & scale your business with high-ticket corporate assignments in 2023

Let me ask you...

What would adding ≧ 175,203 to your annual revenue mean for you in 2023?

This amount (and more) is possible for you by working on just 2-3 single day corporate assignments per months.

And no, I haven't plucked that figure out of thin air but calculated it based on my rock solid experience as CFO, proven assumptions, tried & tested actions and my own & my mentees' business experience

(ps. you can check the training video to see how you can do it too)

And this is why you should listen to me...

Hello, I am Miriam, 

About me in a nutshell:  

  • Successful 6-figure corporate consultant working part time around my kid and personal passions
  • Former CFO in charge of $3bn annual spend
  • Former Big 4 Strategy Consultant advising Fortune 500 companies
  • Down-right neuro science nerd and manifestation practitioner.

I've been running my online business since 2020 and in that time I have helped:

  • A skeptical corporate escapee fall in love with  corporate clients services while getting paid $15k for less than a day's work
  • A brand new DEI consultant land their first multiple 4-figure corporate client in just 2 weeks of taking action
  • An experienced consultant triple her fees with existing clients who then asked her for more work at the higher prices.

And I've helped over 120 more enterpreneurs who want to work with corporate clients to clarify their message, build their program, design their lead-generation strategy, coach them to run highly successful sales conversations and draft high-converting proposals.

Love notes

What people have said about my work...

"Your messaging, organization of the info, presentation, and brilliant guidance are, well... brilliant."

"Flash News: The first leader booked a meeting with 12 people [after 3 weeks of working with me]."

"Thank you! This course you have created is outstanding, Miriam. I am so happy that I trusted my gut instinct and went for it!"

"Wooohooo! Just wanted to share that I had an amazing call with a current client and they are all geared up for more work."

Fancy joining my clients in their successes?

There are 3 things you need to make success happen:

That means an approach that actually works for corporate clients (#noreels), is flexible to deal with the unexpected and holistic so that you can feel confident about each step towards success

We all know that off-the-rack never fits as well as custom-made. That's just as true for your business growth actions as for anything else. Don't get me wrong, you will still need to take actions, but the ones that bring the greatest results are those that are a fit to your personality & uniqueness while being based on solid behavioral science

Stepping into your highest self for success is vital because you can only attract your goals when you become an energetic match for them. Without being that magnetic match, all your concerns and worries act as actual success repellants 


  • you are bursting with experience, talent and excitement to share your gift with larger business clients but you struggle to work out how to build and scale your business with them
  • you want to stop jumping from one approach to the next, never seeing sustainable results
  • you worry that you might be building a job for yourself instead of having the freedom you wanted when you started your business
  • you crave simple, actionable, steps that take your business forward each month and that feel aligned with who you are
  • you demand to feel not good but GREAT as you are the perfect energetic match to every one of your actions to bring you closer to your goal

Let's dig into what's included in Corporate Money & Impact:

It's only Triple A* System to grow your business consistently  with corporate clients (when you implement it)

The three stages of the Triple A* system:

  1. Inception:
    This is vital preparation work - both on mental, physical and energetic levels - released from Sat 26th Nov. 
  2. Elaboration:
    Building your corporate client business, all the strategies & behavioral science based, vibrationally aligned action plans for every month, week & day (if you so wish).
  3. Elevation:
    Monthly technical coaching, confidence building masterminds, business elevation & 'scale smash' sessions & energetic training - every month.

The Main Components:

Guided preparation to ensure you are ready with:

  • Your 'Blue Ocean Why' (your north star to guide all your actions)
  • Your Point of Distinction (so that you stand out from the crowd)
  • Your Magnetic Portfolio (that makes it easy for corporates to hire you)

With this work done, you can start winning clients within weeks.

A one-of-a-kind learn & implement experience 6th Dec. We will:

  • Decide & lock your Revenue Delivery Plan for 2023
  • Validate your positioning to be magnetic to dreamboat corporate clients
  • Implement your customized marketing strategy to generate conversations before Christmas
  • Build the success habits that will keep you effortlessly on track
  • Determine the energetically aligned actions that will grow your business in the next 12 months & 3 years    

Monthly support, implement & growth sessions which include:

  • Monthly group coaching
  • Monthly hot-seat mastermind
  • Monthly energy alignment training
  • Monthly business elevation training where we cover all things to scale your business such as profitable pricing, the best business model for you, improving margins, outsourcing, improving customer retention and much more

The Slam Dunk Bonuses

  • Quarterly 'Smash It' Challenges with badges & prizes, so there is simply no space for procrastination!
  • Quarterly On-Track Review Sessions so that you KNOW, month by month, that you are on track or how to get back (should things have slipped).
  • Create high-converting corporate proposals using behavioural science. Tap into your prospects brain and help them overcome the internal (unspoken) blockers that stop them from hiring you. 
  • This system has helped convert 82% of proposals 
  • Including the ROI calculator
  • Including the Elevator Pitch Generator
  • Including the 'Overcome Objections' guide
  • Including the elevating email sequence to get more openings & book meetings 

Join the movement

How to play in Corporate Money & Impact:

You have two options right now:

Pay in full: £2,500
Deposit £300+ 12x £200/month


It’s Monday.

Instead of rushing around and worrying about your week, you ease in to your favourite morning routine – maybe some exercise? Or meditation?

Whatever it is, you relish this time for yourself & it sets a beautiful tone for the day.

When you open your work email, you see requests for meetings with two new prospects – and your dreamboat client from a few months ago wants you to do some more work with them.

That evening, you go to bed, happy and content knowing your business is on a great track to delivering the financial and impactful results you want – it will be exciting to talk about in your upcoming magazine interview! 

Let's be clear about one thing - I'm here to help you succeed.

And that only works if you let me...

When we come together, these are WORKshops, not ATTENDshops or WATCHshops - only sign-up if you are ready to do the work.

Because if you do, you will walk away with unmissable strategies, your business elevanted, and your energetic vibrations aligned.

So, in short:

Do Not Join Corporate Money & Impact if...

  • you are hoping for some sleazy "get-rich-quick" scheme
  • you firmly believe that you will only get value from programs with at least 5-figures 
  • you are not willing to put in at least 10hrs per week to work on your business, making connections, building relationships & expertise.
  • you are not ready to stop hiding behind excuses and finally make corporate clients a reality for your business
  • you have been conditioned to believe that it takes years and inside connections to land your first corporate client.

But STOP everything right now and click join if...

  • You are excited to get out of your comfort zone and apply the techniques and exercises I share
  • You are ready to commit, follow through and make the impact and bank you desire with corporate clients
  • It's a kinda 'work hard, work aligned, get the pizza' type of deal

If you don't like my face, my humor or my straight talking,

OR decide that corporate clients are not your jam

OR life throws you a complete curveball, I got you.

See, I put our relationship above cold cash and if you decide any time up to 24hrs before the LIVE date that you don't want to land corporate clients, I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

All you have to do is drop me an email at least 24hrs before we go LIVE so we can process it before the actual LIVE session.

If you cancel, you get to keep all the pre-work, all the insights and energy activation pieces I'll share beforehand - they're my gift to you.

Let's do the math

  • you could buy yet another course on how to use LI to attract B2B clients (btw, how many of those have you tried before?)


  • then spend even more time giving "value" that no one wants to take


  • be still in exactly the same situation 6 months down the line while you could have earned between $30k-$50k per month (that's based on a very conservative estimate of delivering your work for 6-10 days per month)...

Need I say more???

Are you ready to make Corporate Money & Impact a reality for you and your business?


This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. In fact, it's the very opposite - getting results requires hard work, dedication, skill, experience and a dose of luck. I am sharing my experience with you so you can learn from it but it's in no way a a guarantee that you will get the same or similar results. I'll give you the tools but you will have to use them! Nothing on this site shall give you the impression it's a promise or guarantee of future earnings!

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